3GX Apparel

3GX Legendborne Apparel


The perfect comfortable, durable gear for both training sessions and all of the world OCR & hybrid events available. The fabric is made for race comfort, durability, moisture wicking, climate control and overall performance. Legendborne offers bold custom designs that allow racers to express their unique personalities and represent their hard work.

  • 3GX Women’s Training Tech Tee
  • 3GX Women’s Racerback Jersey
  • 3GX Women’s OCR Jersey
  • 3GX Men’s Training Tech Tee
  • 3GX Men’s Sleeveless OCR Jersey
  • 3GX Men’s OCR Jersey
  • 3GX Unisex Premium Hoodie
  • 3GX Arm Sleeve
  • 3GX Headband


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